Our Story

Our Story – I’m Pauline Matthews, the creative director of Hugs and Hearts.

I believe that less is often more when it comes to design. I’m a very restless maker, I love working on new projects, new designs, new anything for my shop.

In the end, the favorite part is having a brand-new creation in my hands.

I have always loved creating and ‘Faffing” to create a cosy home, and this business has become an outlet for my creativity.

From the beginning of Hugs and Hearts I had a clear vision of what kinds of things I wanted to create, but I never thought of myself as a designer.

This creative business is a great experience for us as a family, my husband cuts over 90% of our wooden gifts. The best part of working together is that we share our challenges, achievements and failures.

A designer is a dreamer who creates, and with the help and support of my husband that is what I have grown into. I create because I love it, and that satisfies me.